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About Us

Travel Smart, Travel Green.

Get ready for a trip of a lifetime, GreenGo Travel is a Travel Agency filled with new refreshing ideas to help you reach the best and most remote destinations in Ecuador. A clean, modern and intuitive website to provide you with the best booking experience online, but most importantly is our commitment to sustainable tourism, creating awareness of the many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and travel green.


Our Commitment

Tour Packages

We are committed in offering green packages and promoting tours in different parts of the country that will offer the very best in eco-tourism. Many projects need no introduction and are well known in the media such as; Kapawi & Napo Wild Life Center in Ecuador’s Amazon, Bellavista in the Cloud forest etc. Many of the green packages we offer have obtained international recognition for the eco-friendly operation they carry throughout their programs, and we will continue to add the best green products to our portfolio.


Green Guidance

We have compiled some great guidelines and information you can find throughout our website, and more helpful guidelines will be provided along your booking process in order to help our customers make the best of their stay in the country. Sustainable tourism also involves having a positive impact for local people, good practices to have a low impact on the environment and local culture. So rest assured you will be up to speed and ready to go when you arrive.


Paper Use
& Recycling

Given the modern world we live in and having screens everywhere, the use of excessive amount of paper is still an ongoing problem, our two cents on the matter is our commitment to limit our paper usage to a bare minimum. We have built strong tools to keep track of all our logistic and accountancy operation strictly in the cloud. Clients will also have the option of participating on this initiative by having their travel documents uploaded to the cloud. The little paper we use is recycled by following the required guidelines with http://reciclar.com.ec bringing our paper usage to a bare minimum.


Why Book With Us


Carbon Offset

GreenGo Travel wants to go a step further and not only recommend our customers to be carbon neutral but to help them be carbon neutral. Therefore in joint efforts with CANOPY CO, a carbon offset and development organization, who has crunched down the numbers for a carbon neutral round flight to the Galapagos, cost that will be *covered by GreenGo Travel, collected funds will be used for native tree reforestation, for the immediate reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, environmental research and rural development projects that benefit the local population. We are working in other ways we can help other tour travelers with other destiantions be carbon neutral.

* For tours to the Galapagos for 8 or more days, GreenGo Travel will pay the full cost of ($10 pp) for a Carbon Neutral Flight
* For tours to the Galapagos for 7 or less days, GreenGo Travel will pay 50% of the cost ($5 pp) for a Carbon Neutral Flight


Local Travel Agency

Sit back and let us do the work for you, while some may prefer the excitement of putting their own tour together, many studies have concluded that even for the more adventurous – counting with the expertise of a local agency can go a long way, from recommendations of making the most of your time, to visiting remote areas, hidden gems otherwise not found in guidebooks. Let us be that agency that gets you there! Our plan on the long run is to provide our customers with the best online booking experience, let us know via our online tools what’s the tour you have in mind, what are the destinations you want to visit, we will make it happen.


Best Online Tools

Bringing you the best service possible comes in hand with a modern website & online tools. Our primary focus was to build a website easy to browse and understand, yet rich in information and easy to access, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised when browsing through our site in your Desktop, IPad, Tablet, Iphone or any other mobile device, and this is only the beginning, we have a lot more exciting and useful ideas and tools lined up, we are passionate with web design, online tools, technology and the many ways it can help us bring you a better service, many more online tools will be implemented over time, to make of your booking experience a delight.


Competitive Prices,
Diversified & Broad Portfolio

We have carefully selected the best products in the local market to offer the best tour packages available, our wide range portfolio goes from day tours in main capitals to extensive 2 week programs in Ecuador and the Galapagos. A good service goes in hand with a broad range of rates for all budgets, our tour offerings are highly competitive in price, offering our customers the best value for their money. Don’t take our word for it, you can compare our prices and see the savings you will have.


Support Local Economy

GreenGo Travel is an 100% Ecuadorian company with international standards. We love our country and the many destinations it has to offer, we are proud of our resources and people, through your support we intend our local economy to continue growing with tourist demand, turning it into a viable way of employing local people, making our country thrive. Nothing gives us more pride then the many resourceful destinations we have at our disposal and it is in our best interest to conserve and protect them.


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